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Masonic Lodge materials. Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR)

The Masonic Lodge material at Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR)

You will find on Our Columns all the masonic lodge material at Ancient Scottish Rite & Accepted necessary for the practice of royal art.

Masonic lodge equipment like the columns, the luminous delta, the flaming star, the moon and the sun, the Candlesticks for the officers or the Venerable plate, the balls of votes .... 

Lodge equipment masonic at Ancient Scottish Rite & Acceptedfor the cabinet of reflection with the skull, the headband, the torch, the masonic candles.

Our masonic products at Ancient Scottish Rite & Accepted are made in our workshop and are usually made of resin.


We also offer the masonic lodge material at Ancient Scottish Rite & Acceptedin textiles such as the cushion, the widow's trunk bag, the proposal bag, or initiation bands ...

Masonic lodge equipment in wood at Ancient & Accepted Scottish Ritelike the mallets, the cane of Master of Ceremonies, the heaps of strikes, the square, the compass, the rule, the trowel, the lever, the perpendicular, the level, the chisel, the dagger Masonic symbols in blue boxes. Many are the symbols for the Freemason

Carpets, columns and banners masonic at Ancient Scottish Rite & Acceptedare also available 

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