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Modern French Rite Collection

Collection Modern French Rite

The " Modern French Rite Is in fact the most faithful to that of the Grand Lodge of London, the founding rite of the Freemason speculative. In particular, it perpetuates its fundamental aspects. This rite in seven grades was established and developed by the chamber of ranks of the Grand Orient de France (1783), then definitively recognized in 1785-1786 as the founding rite of obedience. It is the rite of the Regulator of the Mason of 1801, printed version of the codification established from 1783 to 1786.

Decorations at the Modern French Rite (RFM)
The decorations masonic at Modern French Rite (RFM) of 1 - 3rd degree in blue lodge are standard, on Our Columns find them aprons, gloves, harnesses (cords), hats or kippah, tie, bow tie or jewel for freemason
Masonic decorations at the Traditional French Rite are blue in color


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