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Christian and Freemason

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Christian and Freemason


Author : Elie-Jean DELATIL

The question of the compatibility of the joint membership of the Catholic Church and of Freemasonry is not new since Pope Clement XII raised it on April 28, 1738 in the papal bull In eminenti apostolatus specula. More exactly, he condemned this double membership. Not only did it become banned, the offenders were therefore exposed to excommunication. The sentence, "valid for life", had to be renewed over the centuries in different forms (bulls, apostolic letters, encyclicals) by the successors of Clement XII. Does this mean that it was considered by Catholic Freemasons to be null and void? This is very likely because threats and anathemas never caused the faithful who were its members to resign from the Order.
In this work, the author, drawing on historical facts, recalls the Catholic roots of Freemasonry. He then offers a symbolic reading of the politico-religious issues that have led the Church to condemn the Order and to carry out disinformation campaigns against it. But beyond the popular beliefs thus induced, the author exposes the points of convergence between the Church and Freemasonry. He specifies how the Christian and Masonic paths, far from being contradictory, are in reality complementary.

 Authors biography

Elie-Jean DELATIL is a member of the Grande Loge de France. Initiated in 1999 within the Lodge "La Vraie Lumière" in the Orient of Cannes, he was the Venerable Master of the Lodge "Alliance Initiatic Scottish" in the Orient of Cagnes-sur-Mer. He is also a member of the Ateliers de la Juridiction du Suprême Conseil de France.

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