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Rescue Manual for Venerable Master ... very alone in the Lodge

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Rescue Manual for Venerable Master ... very alone in the Lodge

Rescue Manual Book for Venerable Master ... very alone in the Lodge

Freemason (French) LOL EDITIONS

Author : Franck Fouqueray 


France has more than 4,500 Masonic Lodges, ie a minimum of 45,000 officers. Now calculate the number of possible combinations of conflicts and disagreements within this Masonic athanor. A Lodge can be healthy in September and explosive in December. This Manual offers simple ways to manage these human frictions in the Workshop, so that they become rich in teaching.

A Lodge needs to communicate internally to maintain harmony and externally to furnish its columns. How to act discreetly but effectively to promote the sacred? What tools to use and how often? If the Rituals have evolved very little, the methods of communication of the 21st century, for their part, are not at all the same.

This book is the first Practical Manual for Venerable Master which tackles in a simple way the unexpected aspects of the management of his Lodge. You have the perfect tool for this in your hands.

Authors biography

He started his career in martial arts (Judo, Karate, Chinese Boxing…), by collecting cups and medals, then by teaching his martial know-how in a professional way. He then embarked on the creation of companies in the early 1980s, which led him to become the founder of Troc-Temps which is the ancestor of the first " Loca Exchange Systeml ”in France. There he created the first bank without money (Cashier of Transactions, based on reciprocity of purchases between members and became in 2014 Then, he leaves to realize his American dream. In 1994, penniless in his pocket, he landed in Canada and was one of the pioneers of the Internet adventure (he developed the first French-speaking portal for the sale of online travel, He created his start-up, which he then developed by settling in New York City. Then it continued its expansion by returning to France in 2001.

He enriches his experience of ten years of work in various disciplines of personal development (Rebirth, EMDR, Psycho-genealogy, Emotional dynamics, Mindfulness meditation ...). For ten years, we can see him on stage, because he leads at the same time a career of actor at the theater. In 2015, he had his first cinema experience in a scene with Patrick Braoudé, in the film “ A man of state "From Pierre Courrège

He made his first request to enter Freemasonry at the Grand Lodge of France in 1988. This request ended in an adjournment. He persisted and ended up being initiated at the beginning of this century in Casablanca (Morocco), at the Grand Lodge of the Kingdom of Morocco. His Lodge will disappear fairly quickly. He then enters a micro-Obedience which leads him to become for the first time Venerable Master at R: .E: .A: .A :. He resigns to then return to a more “conventional” Obedience. He is currently serving his third term as Worshipful Master of a Lodge of G: .L: .M: .F :. (Mixed Grand Lodge of France) in Paris.

Among his many activities, we can note that he is the founder of the Masonic social network We're Going Home which brings together several thousand Brothers and Sisters. He is also the creator of the first Masonic humor festival from Paris. Since 2017, he chairs the Fraternal of Masonic Writers

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