Easy Masonic Music Everyone Can Play

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Easy Masonic Music Everyone Can Play

Lewis Masonic Editions

Author: Arranged by Collin JACKSON

Do you really mean 'Everyone can play?'

The short answer is, Yes!

This is true even if you have never played before, but most people already have some knowledge, even if it was music lessons at school 60 years ago. If you have ever seen a diagram like this one, then you already know more than you think you know.

The notes for the right hand to play in the music in this book are mostly those shown  in the diagram above. The left hand one-finger-chords only use the single notes of C,D, E, F, G, A, Bb and B and you do not have to read the music as they are all written down for you.

All the music in this book is able to be played using two or three fingers and with a very basic musical knowledge. You don't need any manual dexterity to play you can even do this with two pencils! So how do you play the music? There is a more detailed guide inside the book. 

You will undoubtedly remember a time when you found learning Ritual daunting, this is easier than that! Indeed great results can be obtained from just a few hours of practice. I wish it had been that easy to learn the Ceremonies for the Chair! As I also say inside the book, last but not least, enjoy the process of experimentation and learning. Your Lodge or other Masonic Unit will appreciate the effort you have put into your learning, and will certainly appreciate the enhancement you make to the Ceremonies and Meetings.

Ringbound Paperback 26 pages


Hail Eternal (Opening Ode) Standard Tune

Hail Eternal (Tune 2)

Hail Eternal (Tune 3)

Closing Ode 1

Closing Ode Abide With Me

Closing Ode The Day Thou Gavest

Chapter Opening We Love This Place, O God

Chapter Opening 2 O Worship the King

Chapter Closing Immortal, Invisible

Chapter Closing 2

Mark Masons Song

God Save the Queen

Entered Apprentice Song

Masters Song

Absent Brethren (Architect of Love & Power)

Absent Brethren (Architect In Thy Great Mercy)

Wine Taking

Tylers Song

Visitors Song (Warm Masonic Hearts)

God Save the Queen (Simplified Version)

  • Language : English
  • Nr of pages : 26
  • ISBN : 9780853185932

Guide des tailles


Mesurez votre main dominante (la main droite si vous êtes droitier). En cas d'hésitation entre deux tailles, prenez la plus grande (le coton, même de qualité, se resserre toujours un petit peu au lavage).







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Nos colonnes taille mesure gants maconniques


Tour de Tête











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Taille États-Unis Taille France Taille circonférence en mm Diamètre intérieur en cm
7 54 53 mm 1,70 cm
8 57 56 mm  1,80 cm
9 60 60 mm 1,90 cm
10 62 64 mm 2,00 cm
11 65 66 mm 2,10 cm
12 67 69 mm 2,22 cm



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