Memento words of perfect master and intimate secretary. 5th and 6th degrees of Reaa – Nos Colonnes - Boutique Maçonnique
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5th and 6th degrees AASR - Words of the perfect Master and intimate secretary

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5th and 6th degrees AASR - Words of the perfect Master and intimate secretary

Memento of the 5th and 6th - The Word Words of a perfect Master and intimate secretary


Author: Pierre PELLE LE CROISA

The 5th Perfect Master degree and the 6th of Intimate Secretary are part of the "degrees of Knowledge" (which group together the series of 4th to 8th degrees).

But within these ranks, the 5th degree is explained by what was once called "the small mastery" (it brought together the 3th, 4th and 5th degrees).

It is in this perspective that we introduce the 5th and 6th degrees - because they are a continuation of the previous ones. Indeed, they themselves form a set of legends which become luminous under the light given to them by the Kabbalah, especially considering the columns of the "Tree of Life".

With the Perfect Master we study, from the lodge table and the trips of the applicant: the sources of history, the meaning of the homage paid to the deceased, the symbolism of mourning and meditation, the column of the “Harmony” and the “Tree of the Sephiroth”, the squaring of the circle, the cubic stone and the cubic stone at the point of the mausoleum, to finally open on the construction of the spiritual temple.

With the Intimate Secretary, we analyze the notions of zeal and transgression, curiosity and knowledge to show how Johaben, by focusing the opposition of Hiram of Tire (column of the "Rigor") and of Solomon (column of the “Mercy”), finally manages to reconstitute the initial ternary in place of Hiram Abi, and to recreate an order (that of equity) which opens onto the “Paths of Wisdom”. He thus announces the subsequent degrees.

Authors biography

Pierre Pelle le Croisa has managed large companies and international schools. Freemason for 35 years, he has been an active member of the Grand Orient and now of the Grand Lodge of France. He got involved in Masonic life (in his lodges, in the Île-de-France Congress, in the Federal Council).
A committed writer, he has published public works (novels, short stories, essays, philosophical and literary studies, poems, professional books), initiatory works (“The Pre-History of the Freemasons”, “La parole est au silence!” , “Don Juan the Profane”) and wrote numerous articles in Masonic journals.
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