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Traditional French Rite Higher Degrees Masonic Regalia 

In 1785, the Grand Orient of France (GODF) adopted  new rituals commonly known as the French Rite, which was published en 1801 under the names of "Régulateur du Maçon" for the Blue Lodge degrees and "Régulateur du Chevalier Maçon" for the Higher Degrees, or Orders of Wisdom.

Having falled into disuse during the 19th century, the Orders of Wisdom are practiced again since the 1960s as the French Rite "Traditional".

There are four Orders of Wisdom:

  1. Secret Elect
  2. Grand Elect Scottish
  3. Knight of the East
  4. Soveign Prince Rose Croix.

A 5th Order (which had no ritual nor regalia until 1808) has administrative and conservatory tasks.

In this collection of Nos Colonnes, you will find all the Masonic Regalia (aprons, sashes, collars, jewels...) used by the Freemasons of the French Rite Higher Degrees, or Orders of Wisdom.