Mémento words of provost and judge & steward of buildings. 7th and 8th degrees of Reaa – Nos Colonnes - Boutique Maçonnique
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7th and 8th degrees AASR - Memento Words of Provost and Judge & Intendant of Buildings

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7th and 8th degrees AASR - Memento Words of Provost and Judge & Intendant of Buildings

7th and 8th degrees AASR - Memento Words of Provost and Judge & Intendant of Buildings


Author: Pierre PELLE LE CROISA

The 7th degree of Provost and Judge and the 8th degree of Building Steward complete the first cycle of "Degrees of Perfection", known as "Degrees of Knowledge". And it is well of knowledge that it is about in those degrees which are the pillars of foundation of the inner temple of the initiate. As an extension of the 3rd to 6th degree, the Provost and Judge inscribes justice in the vision of the just, basing it on the idea of equity between the rigor of the law and the mercy of the heart. It answers several questions: How to apply justice? To whom, where and when? The ritual, enriched with a very expressive symbolism of numbers and colors, allows the lodge table to be analyzed exhaustively, and thus to reveal all the spiritual depth that this rank conceals. The 8th degree is the synthesis of all the previous degrees, it is their culmination. It gives meaning to the path traveled and directs towards subsequent degrees. It announces, with the secret room and its treasures, the descent into the Sacred Vault of the Chevalier de Royal-Arche. So this is a pivotal grade between the two cycles of 4-14. Of obvious Hebrew source (his other titles of "Master in Israel", "Scottish Master of the Three JJJs", "Master of the Three Iods" leave no doubt on the subject), he is based on the "Tree of Life" of the sephiroth and on the “World of Formation” to pierce the meaning of sacred words and reveal their full extent. The "degrees of Knowledge" lead the neophyte to the center of himself. They make him follow an initiatory path of improvement which takes him through the stages of the quest for truth, duty, affliction, curiosity, zeal and love, rigor, justice and of fairness, balance and harmony. Now he's all set to take over the job.

Authors biography

Pierre Pelle le Croisa has managed large companies and international schools. Freemason for 35 years, he has been an active member of the Grand Orient and now of the Grand Lodge of France. He got involved in Masonic life (in his lodges, in the Île-de-France Congress, in the Federal Council).
A committed writer, he has published public works (novels, short stories, essays, philosophical and literary studies, poems, professional books), initiatory works (“The Pre-History of the Freemasons”, “La parole est au silence!” , “Don Juan the Profane”) and wrote numerous articles in Masonic journals.
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