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Understanding and living the high Masonic ranks - Volume 1

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Understanding and living the high Masonic ranks - Volume 1

Understanding and living the high Masonic ranks - Volume 1


Author: Gilbert GARIBAL

It is no coincidence that the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite is prevalent in Masonic lodges around the world today. Born in France, - the result of slow development, imprinted with the spirit of the Enlightenment - he first left at the end of the 18thth century, conquer the "new world" to return from there in 1804, structured in 33 degrees. And adorned with poetic titles, which still today identify a true humanist viaticum !   

Among the various ways of approaching this Rite, it is interesting to “go further” than its function as a ceremonial conductor in the lodge, interpreting the many metaphors it expresses. In order to amplify our reflections and visions of the world, in particular, according to the Kantian concept of "extended thinking". Then suddenly open to us the disciplines of "human sciences" - producers of meaning - towards which we are headed: philosophy - structuring companion of speculative Freemasonry since its origin - but still cosmology, botany, anthropology, archeology, psychoanalysis, transactional analysis, linguistics, biology, etc.

So many disciplines - sometimes unexpected - so many plates by the author, clear and lively, which make up this two-volume book. This is the original and invigorating method that he has chosen to introduce you to the Hauts-Grades of R.E.A.A. And thus allow you to better understand and experience them.

To broaden one's thinking is to "do the sponge" for go into action. It is to increase oneself, to enrich oneself. And enrich the Rite in return. It is also embarking on an exciting journey to which you are invited from this first volume Gilbert Garibal, a Freemason for more than thirty years. He is a member of the Grand Lodge of France and of the Supreme Council of the Mediterranean.

Authors biography

Gilbert GARIBAL is doctor of philosophy, psychosociologist, trained in psychoanalysis. After being in charge of communications and then human relations in industry, he got involved in the helping relationship. He now devotes himself to social observation and writing. He is the author of numerous books on personal development, and at Editions NUMERILIVRE, of several books on freemasonry, including: Becoming Freemason - At the heart of freemasonry - Floor, and after?

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