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Conversations with Marih, Rites and symbols: Volume 2, The Temple and its Symbols (AASR & RFM)

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Conversations with Marih, Rites and symbols: Volume 2, The Temple and its Symbols (AASR & RFM)

Book Volume 2, The Temple and its Symbols

Freemason (French) SHEKINAH-EDITIONS - October 29, 2012

Author: Rabi Zied-Odnil


Rabi Zied Odnil's first book " the Masonic sephirotic tree ", Promised a sequel, because not everything had been said about this mysterious house that is Freemasonry. It was necessary to investigate further on the furniture and decorations of the Masonic lodge, without forgetting that it is the Masonic sephirotic tree that leads the game.

Keys are given here, like so many tools necessary for the craftsman. Mason to advance in his Work. There is no censorship or guru, everyone remains free and responsible. The only rule remains that of the internal consistency of the whole. Spirit and matter are the two attributes of a reality that most often escapes us. It is the coming and going between these two concepts that allows one to move forward on the Path to Awakening. The ritual no longer appears as a simple element of the Masonic liturgy, but is the score that must be performed impeccably if one wants to prepare to open the consciousness.

Everything in the book aims to build a necessary and sufficient tool for understanding the Masonic Temple, that is, to attempt to answer a question as simple as: "How does it work?" »… Where we understand that Masonry is not a simple distraction, nor only an education, to see a friendly society, but above all a perhaps utopian attempt, to place Man at the very center of its main concern: What can I do to become better and more enlightened ...

Authors biography

The author entered Freemasonry in 2002 and worked at various rites in various denominations. Before being a speculative mason, he was an operational mason.

Publisher: Shekinah editions; SHEKINAH-EDITIONS

  • Language : French


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