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From shadow to light (Christophe MOLLA)

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From shadow to light (Christophe MOLLA)

Freemasonry book: AWAKENING From deviation to integrity

Freemason (French) SHEKINAH-EDITIONS - May 24, 2020

Author: Christophe MOLLA


This unusual work relates the journey of a man dant life is the least we can say, atypical; in this case this course is that of Christophe MOLLA.

This book, which is called From Shadow to Light, could very well have been called From Profane Hell to Light, as the author's journey is chaotic. Christophe is only forty-six years old, yet his life could be that of a centenary, as it is loaded with strong and diverse experiences.

It is as if the universe wanted to clear its karma in a single lifetime. The situations lived are worthy of a Hollywood film, his life brings together all the ingredients of a cinematographic success on the other side of the Atlantic.

Love, betrayal, prison world, but she also recounts her spiritual experience which brought her out of hell for good.