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Swords, Glaives and Daggers

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Swords, Glaives and Daggers

Swords, Glaives and Daggers

Freemasonry - eBook Edition

Author : Michel RENONCIAT

This book on Masonic swords, daggers and daggers “slices” on the usual works devoted to Freemasonry: for the first time, a vast panorama of a subject unknown to Freemasons and weapon collectors is thus offered. white, but also to those curious about history and symbolism.

A chivalrous weapon par excellence, the sword fitted into Masonic practice all the more easily than in the various rites that developed in the XVIIIe century, French masonry was to associate the theme of trade, construction, that of chivalry. A spiritual knighthood that uplifts soul, body and spirit towards personal fulfillment and the betterment of humans.

Michel RENONCIAT's book plunges us into the very heart of Masonic spirituality, that which associates in the hands of the master of the lodge, the mallet of temporal power and the flaming sword of spiritual power.

Authors biography

Internationally recognized specialist in the field of ancient weapons, Michel RENONCIAT was a heritage restorer (ancient works of art and ancient weapons) approved by the National Museums. He is the sword maker of the Institute's five academies.

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