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Secularism, Tolerance and Freemasonry

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Secularism, Tolerance and Freemasonry

Secularism, Tolerance and Freemasonry

Freemasonry - eBook Edition

Author: Robert De Rosa

The concept of secularism is the subject of much confusion today. Diverted from its function, overvalued or diminished, it is often instrumentalized to serve political choices that reduce its scope.

The author offers in this work a testimony and a look, developed by a long practice of teaching and just as long of Freemasonry. By retracing the evolution of French society, from public, secular and free education (1881) to the separation of Church and State (1905), he restores the climate of Masonic lodges and highlights the two currents that confront it.

For the author, if secularism is not a value but a legislative principle, it nevertheless owes its effectiveness to the practice of values, foremost among which freedom of conscience (and belief), inseparable from tolerance. Two values that deserve to be clarified to get out of the current confusion.

Robert de Rosa ends his essay criticizing the current theses which see secularism germinating in Christianity. Without controversy but with a solid argument, he shows that the temporal and spiritual powers could be distinguished but without being separated… And that the second always wanted to maintain a supremacy.

Authors biography

Robert de Rosa has been a mason at the Grande Loge de France since 1966, in which he has held multiple positions. He was an elementary school teacher and ended his career as a departmental trainer in artistic education. At the same time, he worked as a visual artist and author.

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