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Rectified Scottish Rite (RSR) Inner Order Regalia 

The Rectified Scottish Rite (RSR) is a Masonic Rite of essentially Christian essence, in the esoteric sense of the term. It has its roots in an earlier Masonic system, the Strict Templar Observance (SOT), founded around 1755 in Germany by the Baron von Hund. This Masonic Order claimed to restore the Templar Order. It began to spread in France through Strasbourg, then in 1774, the Lodges of the city of Lyon, led by Jean-Baptiste Willermoz, joined it. But Willermoz, a disciple and friend of Martinès de Pasqually, and fervent follower of his theosophy, quickly found the spiritual and symbolic content of the new system very poor, and challenged the relevance of the restoration of the Templars. He rewrote the rituals and statutes, thus creating the Regime of the Beneficent Knights of the Holy City, which was adopted by the Convent des Gaules in 1778 and came into force in the French branches of the SOT. It was this "Reformation of Lyon" that was finally adopted by the General Convention of the SOT held in Wilhelmsbad in 1782, thus giving rise to the Rectified Scottish Rite.

If the three symbolic degrees of the RSR and the Scottish Master of St Andrew which follows them are properly Masonic, the Inner Order is no longer Masonic, but chivalric. It practices the degrees of Squire Novice and of Beneficent Knight of the Holy City. The Masonic Regalia of these degrees therefore no longer refer to masonry, but to chivalry, with capes, chlamydes, belts..

In this collection of Nos Colonnes, you will find all the Masonic Regalia (sashes, collars, capes, capes, gloves, belts, collar jewels...) used by the members of the RSR Inner Order.