Dignitaires Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF)





French National Grand Lodge (GLNF) : History, Evolution, and Recognition


The French National Grand Lodge (GLNF) is one of the main Masonic obediences in France, known for its adherence to tradition and Masonic regularity. Founded in 1913, it distinguishes itself through its commitment to the principles of traditional Freemasonry, including belief in a Supreme Being, and its exclusively male practice.



The GLNF was established in 1913, by Masons eager to practice Freemasonry respectful of ancient landmarks and regularity as defined by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). Its initial aim was to unite French lodges wishing to work according to these principles, at a time when French Freemasonry was marked by a diversity of practices and spiritual orientations.

Development and Recognition

The GLNF experienced steady growth, establishing lodges not only in metropolitan France but also in overseas territories and internationally. In 1917, it obtained recognition from the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), an important endorsement of its regularity and adherence to traditional Masonic standards.


Expansion and Crises

Throughout the 20th century, the GLNF expanded significantly, becoming one of the most important Masonic obediences in France. However, it was not without internal crises, including disagreements over governance and international recognition. Despite this, it has remained a major force in the French and international Masonic landscape.

Adaptation and Modernization

Facing societal changes, the GLNF undertook efforts to adapt and modernize while retaining its fundamental principles. It strives to meet the expectations of its members through a rich and varied initiatory offering and engagement in philanthropic works.


Criteria of Regularity

The GLNF is recognized for its strict adherence to Masonic regularity criteria, including belief in the Supreme Being, prohibition of political and religious discussions in the lodge, and adherence to ritual work. This rigor allows it to maintain close ties with numerous regular grand lodges worldwide.

International Relations

Thanks to its recognition by the UGLE and other regular grand lodges, the GLNF maintains an international network of Masonic exchanges and cooperation. It actively participates in various international Masonic bodies and meetings, thus contributing to the promotion of French Freemasonry worldwide.


The French National Grand Lodge stands out in the Masonic landscape for its adherence to tradition and regularity. Despite challenges and crises, it has evolved and adapted to modern times while remaining faithful to the founding principles of Freemasonry. Its history and evolution testify to its significant place in international Masonic dialogue and French social fabric.