Dignitaires Droit Humain (DH)





French Federation of Human Rights : A Beacon of Mixed and Universal Freemasonry


The French Federation of Human Rights, a component of the International Mixed Masonic Order "Le Droit Humain," distinguishes itself through its universal and mixed approach to Freemasonry. Founded on the principles of absolute equality between women and men, it embodies a progressive and inclusive vision of Masonic practice, extending its influence far beyond French borders.


Origins and Foundation

Le Droit Humain was co-founded in France in 1893 by Georges Martin, a Freemason, and Maria Deraismes, a leading figure in the feminist movement. It was the first Masonic obedience to practice mixed membership, asserting from its inception the equality of the sexes as a fundamental principle. Their vision was revolutionary, aiming to transcend divisions not only of gender but also of class, race, and religion.

Expansion and Influence

The obedience quickly gained members and visibility, expanding to other countries and truly becoming international. In France, it played an active role in social and ethical debates, contributing to causes such as women's rights, education for all, and secularism.

Core Principles

Mixity and Universality

The French Federation of Human Rights distinguishes itself through its commitment to mixity at all levels of its organization. It promotes a universal vision of Freemasonry, where men and women work side by side for the betterment of humanity.

Values and Engagement

The obedience advocates for freedom of conscience, the pursuit of truth, and the social and moral progress of humanity. It defends universal human rights and works for a more just and fraternal society, in accordance with its basic Masonic principles.

Organization and Functioning

International Structure

Although deeply rooted in France, the French Federation of Human Rights is an integral part of the International Mixed Masonic Order "Le Droit Humain," which has federations and jurisdictions in more than 60 countries. This international dimension enriches its Masonic approach through constant exchange of ideas and practices.

Activities and Initiatives

The lodges of the Federation organize traditional Masonic work, conferences, and solidarity actions. They are places of intellectual and spiritual debate, open to contemporary societal issues.

Recognition and Relations

Unique Positioning

Human rights, through its mixity and universalist orientation, occupies a unique position in the global Masonic landscape. Although it may differ from traditional obediences on certain aspects, it enjoys international recognition for its seriousness and commitment to Masonic ideals.

Cooperation and Dialogue

The Federation actively participates in inter-obediential dialogue and international Masonic meetings, contributing to the promotion of peace, tolerance, and mutual understanding among peoples.


The French Federation of Human Rights symbolizes the openness and evolution of Freemasonry towards a more inclusive and universal practice. By placing equality and fraternity at the heart of its action, it continues to inspire its members to work for a better world, faithful to the ethical and humanistic principles that guided its foundation.