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Schroeder Rite (Schrödersches Lehrart) Masonic Regalia

In 1805-1806, Friedrich Ludwig Schroeder created in Hamburg (Germany) a new Masonic Rite that practiced only the three Craft Degrees. This undertaking was a reaction to the bad memory left by the Strict Templar Observance, which disappeared in Germany as early as 1783, to survive only in the form of the Rectified Scottish Rite, especially in France and Switzerland. This Obedience had disappointed many Brothers with its very aristocratic character, its exorbitant costs and the failure to keep the amazing promises it had made to its members. Many German Freemasons no longer wanted to hear about Higher Degrees. Schroeder therefore constituted a new Rite, inspired by English rituals, and refused to have Higher Degrees practiced there. At most, he created an "Engbund" (literally Narrow Alliance) in which Master Masons could theoretically study all the degrees of all the Masonic Rites. This Rite is called "Schrödersches Lehrart" in German, literally Schroeder's type of teaching.

This new Rite was adopted by the Hamburg Freemasonry, which in 1811 was constituted as a Grand Lodge, and spread throughout the rest of Germany, as well as Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. It remains practiced in these countries, as well as in Brazil, where it was introduced by German immigrants.

On Nos Colonnes, you will find the Masonic Regalia (aprons, collars, collar jewels...) used by the Freemasons of the Rite of Schroeder in Germany and Brazil.