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Emulation Working Regalia (Traditional and French Style)

The Emulation Working is a Masonic rite established by the United Grand Lodge of England between 1813 and 1816.

The Emulation Working is a Masonic rite of orality whose particularities are to gravitate around the universal references of the profession, to exclude any idea of speech which would value certain "brothers", and to practice the ceremonies entirely by heart

The Emulation Working has three degrees, each one wearing specific Masonic regalia :

  • 1st degree: Entered Apprentice (white gloves and white masonic apron)
  • 2nd degree: Fellowcraft (white gloves and white masonic apron with 2 blue rosettes)
  • 3rd degree: Master Mason (white gloves and white masonic apron with blue border, 3 blue rosettes and tassels).

On Nos Colonnes, you will find all the aprons, gloves, collars, hats or kippah, ties, neckties and collar jewels used by the Freemason of the Emulation Working.