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York Rite

Masonic decorations collection of the York Rite

Little known to European Freemasons, the York rite (York Rite in English) is the rite most practiced by the symbolic lodges of United States, to the point that he is sometimes simply called American rite. The proponents of this Masonic rite readily say that their rite is the oldest in the world, since it dates back to the first assembly of masons held in York in 926, during the reign of King Athelstan. In reality, he was born in American colonies. The first American lodges, which appear from 1730, have Several origins: if some were founded by the Grand Provincial Lodges dependent on the Grand Lodge of London (them Modern), most (spontaneous creation, founded by military lodges attached to the Grand Lodge of Ireland, or by the Grand Lodge of Scotland, or by the Grand Lodge of the Ancients from 1758) are traditional Ancient. During the War of Independence, the Modern rather took the party of England, while the Old -fashioned rather joined the insurgents. After the independence of 1776, many modern Freemasons returned to England and the various major modern provincial lodges ended up merging with their old counterparts. the Rite york then imposed himself as the only rite Practiced by the major lodges of the States forming the Union. This Rite therefore belongs to the family of Ancient rites, as Emulation, the Standard of Scotland and the symbolic grades of Reaa.

Only a few Obedience French practice this rite.


The sets masonic symbolic grades of Rite york are:

Apprentice entered and business companion : gloves white masonic and apron white masonic. The apprentices carry it bin raised and the companions folded down.

Master: gloves white masonic and apron white masonic, bordered ribbon Overseas blue. On the bib is a Eye and on the apron square and compass, sometimes surrounded by a laurel. the Cord/Baudrier is Overseas blue, adorned with square and compass.

Officers and venerable: long -haired masonic blue overseas, sometimes with the jewel of the corresponding embroidery office. That of Venerable (only in France) wears a radiant delta with the letter G And two Acacia branches. the apron masonic Officers sometimes carries a embroidery representing the jewel of their office and that of Venerable is georized from twoInverted Taus.


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