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Standard Rite of Scotland

Collection Rite Standard of Scotland (RSE) decors

The Standard Rite of Scotland (RSE) is an Anglo-Saxon Masonic rite practiced from the beginning of the seventeenth century in the first Scottish lodges, such as Mary's Chapel and Kilwinning No. 0, founded before 1598.

Although stemming from the beginnings of Freemasonry, the ritual was not codified until the 19th century. The Standard Rite of Scotland is distinguished from other English-speaking masonry by its particularity to be worked by heart by all the members of a lodge

the Standard Rite of Scotland has three ranks at the level of the blue boxes with their masonic decorations :

  • 1er grade: apprentice
  • 2e grade: journeyman
  • 3e grade: master


The masonic decorations at Standard Rite of Scotland of 1 - 3 rd degree in blue lodge are standard on Our Columns find the aprons, gloves, harnesses (cords), hats or kippah, tie, bow tie or jewel for freemason

The masonic decorations especially aprons and necklaces are madeés with of Tartan fabric "Royal Steward