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Freemasonry: I am 5 years old

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Freemasonry: I am 5 years old

Freemasonry book: I am 5 years old. 

Freemason (French) SHEKINAH-EDITIONS - August 26, 2015

Author: Rabi Zied-Odnil


Jai 5 ans is the second work in a trilogy that gradually leads to a full understanding of the Masonic initiatory path, through our own reflections.

It is addressed to all companions of any rite whatsoever, and more broadly to all Freemasons who are anxious to understand things. Masonic symbolism is a language that does not support any approximation. It is, clear, crisp and precise. It is therefore essential to find the keys which will allow them to be deciphered.

If learning is essential on the Masonic initiatory path, companionship is no less decisive. So symbols and ritual must be properly understood if the path is not to become inextricable. It’s the right understanding that makes the difference between ritual and dramatization, so let’s not be overbearing. We must work with zeal, constancy and regularity, because the
today's companion is destined to become the master of tomorrow.

We are the initiator and the initiate, so we must only rely on our own capacity to reason, to deduce, because these are the keys that open our consciousness.

If it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith, it is by masonry that one becomes a mason and for that, one should not spare one's efforts.

Authors biography

The author entered Freemasonry in 2002 and worked at various rites in various denominations. Before being a speculative mason, he was an operational mason.

Publisher: Shekinah editions; SHEKINAH-EDITIONS

  • Language : French


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