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May Joy be in the hearts

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May Joy be in the hearts

Light and Sounds - Freemasonry and music

Freemasonry - eBook Edition

Author: JP Thomas

May Joy be in hearts. Here is one of the most essential phrases of the Old And Accepted Scottish Rite. And this, not only by the intensity that it imprints on the personal commitment of those who hear it, but also because, in the first degree, it closes the ritual of closing the work and suggests that joy is probably this. which is the most important. But what joy is it? How is it essential for those who, through initiation, seek to give meaning to their life? And how does she arm it to face the questions it asks itself and, sometimes even, the doubt, without what it expresses can be confused with what we believe to be pleasure? Far from being reduced to Carpe Diem hedonists, even philosophers, the injunction May Joy be in hearts must lead the seeker to the most successful form of summum bonum wise men. Constantly repeated for three centuries and more, it reinvents itself with each outfit and puts the participants in a psychic condition of to continue outside, the work begun in the Temple. Cultivating joy thus allows the Scottish Freemason to try to approach gradually this concept of happiness, which layman often seeks in vain, because he does not know how to give it spiritual content.

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Member of the Grand Lodge of France for forty years, the author, specialist in the history of the Scottish Order, to which he has devoted some of his books and many of his articles and conferences, has occupied all the platforms. , in a symbolic lodge, before exercising legislative and then executive responsibilities within the Obedience. Here, he delivers the reflections inspired by this sentence, which he considers fundamental, to the Old And Accepted Scottish Rite, since, according to him, it embodies its psyche.

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