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Genesis, volume of sacred knowledge

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Genesis, volume of sacred knowledge

Genesis, volume of sacred knowledge

Freemasonry - eBook Edition

Author: JC Mondet

If, for believers, the Bible and in particular its first book, Genesis, are supposed to convey the divine word, more and more of them admit, as do the spiritualists, that it would rather be a question of a collection of oral traditions, expressing the way in which the elders, perhaps "inspired", had answered their existential questions: Where do we come from ? Where are we going ? What is the meaning of life ? In those remote times, language being ill-suited to abstract thinking, they proceeded by analogy, transposing the ideas they wanted to convey to concrete examples, thus symbols and myths were born. In the ancient world, the listener was invited to identify with the heroes presented and in this way, to live in spirit the adventures that they were considered to have really lived and therefore to receive the message transmitted, relating to his own. destiny.

Genesis is teeming with famous episodes, proof if needed that it remains relevant. Who does not know those concerning the Creation of man, Adam's rib, the forbidden fruit, the flood, the tower of Babel, Abraham and Isaac, Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his daughters, Jacob and the dish of lentils, his struggle against the angel , Joseph and the wife of Putiphar, the fat cows and the cows skinny, etc. etc. ? Behind the story told, it is each time new knowledge about ourselves that we are called to discover.

The author presents here the result of his own reading, at the same time symbolic, allegorical and mythical of this text, he invites the reader to follow him in the journey he tells, that of the human in his spiritual quest, and to forge its own interpretation.


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