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Masonry manual. One way, one method, one practice.

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Masonry manual. One way, one method, one practice.

Book masonry instructions for use. One way, one method, one Practice - Daniel PERRINE

Freemason (French) SHEKINAH-EDITIONS - February 17, 2014

Author: Daniel Perrine


Freemasonry is a venerable House that has always sparked rumors and excited the mind. We imagine her surrounded by mystery, the mysteries of which would only be revealed to very few people who are assumed to be Initiates. In fact it is not. Masonry is an Institution which almost four hundred years ago set itself the task of preparing for universal Concord.

This book was written on the one hand to remove a kind of misunderstanding that has arisen between the secular world and Masonry, and on the other hand, to present a clear and distinct idea of this fraternal society to the young Masons.

There is a set of rules and ways of doing things, which are neither some closely guarded secret nor some hermetic science. The attentive reader, whether Layman or Mason, can easily hear what is going on.

The Method is articulated in three parts:
- The Temple is an object of observation
- Masonic initiation is at the center of the process
- The Symbol is the perfect Investigation Tool.

The key is to make these three concepts work in the most perfect symbiosis possible. Therein lies all the difficulty.

It will appear to the reader that Masonry is not an obsolete discipline lost in a so-called "modern" world, but on the contrary always in touch with reality. Where we see that she frequents philosophers, writers, poets, utopians, authors of sacred texts, and other people of good company.

Nothing that is human is foreign to Masonry. Nothing is imposed; everything has to be done. It is only a question of Tool and goodwill. 

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