Ethics in Freemasonry

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Ethics in Freemasonry

Freemasonry - eBook Edition

Author : Josselin Morand 

In this time of social and environmental crises, three fundamental questions arise: what is a good life, what is a good society and what is good deed? Ethics, which is at the heart of these questions, can provide fundamental answers. It can also offer tools so that everyone can act at their own level, in harmony with their values. But the ethical questioning could not be complete without a reflection on evil and its nature. If Hannah Arendt highlighted the trivialization of evil in industrial society through the loss of responsibility, the Masonic legend reminds us that evil is very present in each of us. The Masonic initiation, by the tools and the light that it offers to the recipient, then allows each Brother or Sister toact with full knowledge of the facts and soguide its action with complete freedom and responsibility.

Intended for Freemasons as well as laymen interested in Masonic thought, this work proposes, in clear language, to lift the veil on the ethics of Freemasonry as well as its construction not only from its founding myths but also contributions of different thoughts. He deconstructs misconceptions about ethics by giving words and values their precise meanings. It also sheds light on the inherent evil in each of us, which can cause us to choose the worst. But he also offers, for the best, a Masonic viaticum to help everyone, layman or Initiate, to act with ethics, discernment and fraternity.

Authors biography

Josselin Morand is an engineer who graduated from ENSI and holds a 3e cycle in physical sciences, a discipline to which he has contributed by publishing several articles.

Initiated in a workshop of the Grande Loge de France in 2010, he became involved in Masonic life in Paris and thus took part in various initiatives since 2014: think-tank Freemasonry & Society, Masonic University, Masonic Campus, Masonic College. ..

He then undertook a resumption of studies in human sciences, around ethics at the University of Paris Diderot, from which he graduated in 2017.

His academic questioning and his Masonic work lead him to be interested in the limits of ethics and the question of evil, and more particularly the dynamics that lead to deliberately choosing evil. What part of free will can be associated with it? It is this journey and these questions that he intends to share with his readers.    

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