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AWAKENING From deviation to integrity

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AWAKENING From deviation to integrity

Freemasonry book: AWAKENING From deviation to integrity

Freemason (French) SHEKINAH-EDITIONS - December 2, 2020

Author: Rabi Zied-Odnil


Freemasonry is one way of awakening among many others, except that it is of extraordinary beauty. You will undoubtedly retort to me, being myself a Freemason, that I am perhaps not very objective in this respect, but you would be wrong.

Indeed, Freemasonry does not need me to defend itself, nor any Freemason for that matter, because the Masonic way is a way in its own right. It is a unique path, a path that naturally leads to the top.

Whether you take it or not doesn't add or take away from it, the path is there and that's it. You can ignore it as much as this one ignores you, I would even add, that there might be an advantage in your not borrowing it.

Indeed, many are among the strollers of Sunday, the first bastards who during their passage litter the ground with rubbish; some Freemasons on the Masonic path act in this way.

Freemasonry is a means, a path, a simple method of explaining the place of man in the universe. It is disconcertingly simple and that is why it is difficult to understand, especially for the many Masonic tourists who are legion in lodge.



Authors biography

The author entered Freemasonry in 2002 and worked at various rites in various denominations. Before being a speculative mason, he was an operational mason.

Publisher: Shekinah editions; SHEKINAH-EDITIONS

  • Language : French


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