Mémento words by Knight of Royal-Arche. 13th degree of Reaa – Nos Colonnes
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Memento 13e degrees AASR - Words of Chevalier de Royal-Arche

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Memento 13e degrees AASR - Words of Chevalier de Royal-Arche

Memento 13e degrees AASR - Words of Chevalier de Royal-Arche


Author: Pierre PELLE LE CROISA

Why does the 13th degree of Chevalier de Royal-Arche abruptly return to the Sacred Vault that the Steward of Buildings already pointed out at the 8th degree?

And why go underground when in the previous rank the Grand Master Architect had to complete the 3rd floor. And then what does this Ineffable Name mean which cannot be said… but which has so much to say?

 Finally, why have you assembled in the same grade two elements as different as the Sacred Vault and the Ineffable Name? What is their conjunction?

 This 13th degree is a pivotal degree of the “Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite”: Like the arches to which it alludes and which Guibulum and his two companions crossed to find the agate stone and the golden triangle, it opens as many doors to subsequent degrees and the messages they contain.

Without refusing the controversy of the legends, I will provide a solution to the apparent anachronisms that they seem to conceal, finding in the Legend of the Great Chosen which echoes it, the trace of the meaning that the initiates had placed there.

Likewise, it is in Le Vrai Catéchisme des Frères-masçons, a ritual of the “Grand College of Rites” before 1745, that the solution of the Ineffable Name is found, and even more so the meaning of the lost word that the Master sensed. already in the 3rd degree in the sign of horror dedicated to GADL'U.

 Finally, at this grade the initiate realizes that, to rise towards his Principle, he must find the energy of the light which illuminates him, and to achieve this, he must cross each of his inner heavens, cross each one. arches which symbolize them by the different names-attributes of God to discover, on the altar of the Holy of Holies who is in him, the agate stone which illuminates the infinite light of his eternal being.

Authors biography

Pierre Pelle le Croisa has managed large companies and international schools. Freemason for 35 years, he has been an active member of the Grand Orient and now of the Grand Lodge of France. He got involved in Masonic life (in his lodges, in the Île-de-France Congress, in the Federal Council).
A committed writer, he has published public works (novels, short stories, essays, philosophical and literary studies, poems, professional books), initiatory works (“The Pre-History of the Freemasons”, “La parole est au silence!” , “Don Juan the Profane”) and wrote numerous articles in Masonic journals.
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