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Memento 3e Degree AASR Words of the Master

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Memento 3e Degree AASR Words of the Master

Memento 3e Degree AASR Words of the Master


Author: Pierre PELLE LE CROISA

What is the relationship between Hiram and the tree? Identity relationship: Hiram is a Tree of Life - what the acacia branch suggests. But he is much more still: each of the positions of his body - reversed, lying, raised, standing - evokes the position of a mythical tree - the Inverted Tree, the Tree of the Dead, the Erected Tree, the Tree. of the Vives - and all the symbolism associated with it: the cosmogony of the temple, the three worlds (Earth, Hells and Heaven), the meaning of life, the quest for Knowledge, the ascent towards the Light , regeneration, immortality ...

Thus, through the Masonic myth of the Master we find, retrace and relive these myths and these rites which are the cultural foundations of our societies.

The universal theme of the tree sheds a new light, but oh so significant, the anagogical teaching of these traditions - that is to say the spiritual elevation, of which the Masonic tradition is itself the heir. .

Authors biography

Pierre Pelle le Croisa has managed large companies and international schools. Freemason for 35 years, he has been an active member of the Grand Orient and now of the Grand Lodge of France. He got involved in Masonic life (in his lodges, in the Île-de-France Congress, in the Federal Council).
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