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Memento 4th degree AASR Master - Words of the Secret Master

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Memento 4th degree AASR Master - Words of the Secret Master

Master's Memento - The Lost Word


Author: Pierre PELLE LE CROISA

The rank of Secret Master is very rich in lessons: the language of colors, the decorations of the lodge, the cord, the black veil and its silver square, the ivory key, the balustrade, the mountain, the cartouche. , the laurel and olive branches, these are many elements which, if we pay attention to the symbolic meaning they cover, shed a bright light on the spiritual approach of this first degree of the Lodges of Perfection.

The clothing of the Three Times Powerful Master, the apron and the saltire of the Secret Master confirm the meaning attributed to this rank.

It indeed comprises multiple messages which answer each other like mirrors in perspective return their reflections: "Ordo ab Chao", the shadow and the light, the Universal Law, the Duty, the Truth and the Lost Word. , Knowledge and its sentences are as many coherent and complementary reflections which echo the discourse concealed in the ritual.

But what is the real meaning of the rank of Secret Master? Find out and pursue the quest that the research undertaken in this book invites you ...

Authors biography

Pierre Pelle le Croisa has managed large companies and international schools. Freemason for 35 years, he has been an active member of the Grand Orient and now of the Grand Lodge of France. He got involved in Masonic life (in his lodges, in the Île-de-France Congress, in the Federal Council).
A committed writer, he has published public works (novels, short stories, essays, philosophical and literary studies, poems, professional books), initiatory works (“The Pre-History of the Freemasons”, “La parole est au silence!” , “Don Juan the Profane”) and wrote numerous articles in Masonic journals.
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