Russian dolls - French Presidents

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Russian dolls - our French presidents
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Our presidents accompany us, are omnipresent in our news. They annoy us sometimes. We cannot forget them, they are part of our lives.

And then they are replaced, and what do we keep in mind apart from a few anecdotes, vaguely a silhouette or a face ... vague sensations. What results of 14 years of “presidential reign” for President Mitterand, 12 years for President Chirac, 5 years For President Sarkozy, 5 years for President Hollande… and during his first term for President Macron…


They have sometimes been ministers under the mandates of other presidents.

So the Matryoshkas, the "Russian dolls", this simple and elegant tradition of presenting leaders should please you: From each figurine, an opportunity to remember, explain, redo the path of memories and small sentences of each, that whether with family, friends or at work.

Mitterand or the quiet force, the man of the left's common program, at a time when the Communist Party had more than 20% of the vote in France. Cohabitation with its Prime Minister Jacques Chirac… who has become president. The man known to shake hands and make promises like no other. Then, Nicolas Sarkosy, minister in one of his governments, who apparently deceived him to return by conquering to take the presidency. An omnipresent president, almost "agitated" with  spouses who are talked about outside the conventions. With President Hollande, who signs the return of the left after a single mandate from the right, things are accelerating. He was a president not "programmed", grafted on the scandal of candidate Strauss Kahn who was approached. As he said, a “normal” president but a “rich” emotional life.

And finally President Macron, who has not finished bringing us his daily share of anecdotes.


Guide des tailles


Mesurez votre main dominante (la main droite si vous êtes droitier). En cas d'hésitation entre deux tailles, prenez la plus grande (le coton, même de qualité, se resserre toujours un petit peu au lavage).







Mesure en cm

16.5 à 18 cm

18.5 à 19.5cm

20 à 21.5 cm

22 à 23 cm

Mesure en pouces

6 - 6.5

7 - 7.5

8 - 8.5

9 - 9.5



Nos colonnes taille mesure gants maconniques


Tour de Tête











nos colonnes toque maconnique taille mesure 



nos colonnes bague chevaliere mesure taille guide


Taille États-Unis Taille France Taille circonférence en mm Diamètre intérieur en cm
7 54 53 mm 1,70 cm
8 57 56 mm  1,80 cm
9 60 60 mm 1,90 cm
10 62 64 mm 2,00 cm
11 65 66 mm 2,10 cm
12 67 69 mm 2,22 cm



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