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Masonic Symbolism From the Perpendicular to the Compass

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Masonic Symbolism From the Perpendicular to the Compass

Freemasonry book: doubling of time

Freemason (French) SHEKINAH-EDITIONS - November 28, 2016

Author: Rabi Zied-Odnil


The perpendicular is an essential symbol in Freemasonry, so it is one of the first that the brothers and sisters must understand on the initiatory path.

The symbol in Freemasonry is a key that corresponds to a lock, when it is allowed to be what it is and not what you want it to be. When you think of it differently, the symbol loses its function and becomes a mere object unable to unlock anything.

Whether it is the symbol of the perpendicular, the level, the set square or the compass, all have been approached only on the surface, and have revealed only trivialities.

Also, it is only in depth that we can forge the keys that can slip into the correct locks.

Authors biography

The author entered Freemasonry in 2002 and worked at various rites in various denominations. Before being a speculative mason, he was an operational mason.

Publisher: Shekinah editions; SHEKINAH-EDITIONS

  • Language : French


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