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Masonic Symbolism: The Boaz and Jakin Columns

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Masonic Symbolism: The Boaz and Jakin Columns

Freemasonry book: From the jagged border to the lake of love

Freemason (French) SHEKINAH-EDITIONS - January 26, 2018

Author: Rabi Zied-Odnil


We have clarified the columns Boaz and Jachin from a Masonic point of view, that is to say with logic and insight and we did not need to explain the temple of King Solomon any more than the Bible, because it is Masonic irrelevant. We explained the location of the columns in the temple as well as their inversion according to the rite practiced, and in the end, it was the Earth that was revealed to us.

We also glimpsed our conscious part  Midday midnight, but does Midnight - Noon represents our unconscious part, who is the Earth? Is she the one who ultimately pulls the strings? Are we intimately linked to it? Is she the Earth-Mother, the Pacha Mama that the Andean peoples have been telling us about for centuries?

Unless the letter G is directly related in Freemasonry to Gaia, the mother goddess who represents the principle out of which all things came out?

Authors biography

The author entered Freemasonry in 2002 and worked at various rites in various denominations. Before being a speculative mason, he was an operational mason.

Publisher: Shekinah editions; SHEKINAH-EDITIONS

  • Language : French


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